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  • Regional study of Melampus bidentatus density and other invertebrates in northeast U.S. salt marshes.
  • Johnson, David; Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
  • Williams, Bethany; Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
  • 2017
  • We sampled the coffee-bean snail, Melampus bidentatus in four habitats (Spartina patens, tall/creekside S. alterniflora, stunted S. alterniflora, and transitional S. patens) in 8 marshes in the northeast U.S. , including the Plum Island Estuary. Overall, snails were larger in the stunted S. alternilfora and transitional S. patens habitats than in S. patens ones. Only 2 snails were found in the tall S. alterniflora. Temperature, relative humidity and other inverts were also measured. These data are published in Johnson and Williams 2017 ( ) and refered to as the Regional Study.
  • Geographic Coordinates
    • N: 43.320278, S: 43.320278, E: -70.566667, W: -70.566667
    • N: 43.134444, S: 43.134444, E: -70.858365, W: -70.858365
    • N: 42.737991, S: 42.737991, E: -70.84931, W: -70.84931
    • N: 42.226111, S: 42.226111, E: -70.774167, W: -70.774167
    • N: 41.576944, S: 41.576944, E: -70.638611, W: -70.638611
    • N: 41.338611, S: 41.338611, E: -71.865556, W: -71.865556
    • N: 41.623889, S: 41.623889, E: -71.325, W: -71.325
    • N: 40.870864, S: 40.870864, E: -73.810246, W: -73.810246
  • Acceptance and utilization of PIE-LTER data requires that: The Principal Investigator be sent a notice stating reasons for acquiring any data and a description of the publication intentions. The Principal Investigator of the data set be sent a copy of the report or manuscript prior to submission and be adequately cited in any resultant publications A copy of any resultant publications should be sent to: Principal Investigator Ecosystems Center Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, MA 02543
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/41a3ad115ef9356094027d5b5199e608

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