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  • GIS45 GIS Coverages Defining the Konza Nutrient Data Sample Locations (1982-present)
  • Briggs, John M.
  • 2016
  • These data show the sampling locations for the nutrient datasets at Konza Prairie. Record types 1 (GIS450) and 2 (GIS451) respectively contain the transect lines and sample locations at which the soil cores are sampled. These data may be used in conjunction with the Soil Chemistry and Bulk Density (NSC01) datasets. Record type 6 (GIS455) contains the locations of the lysimeters on the belowground plots, and may be used in conjunction with Belowgound Plot Experiment: Soil Water Chemistry from Lysimeters (NBS01) dataset. Record type 11 (GIS460) contains bulk precipitation sample locations, and may be used in conjunction with the Nitrogen and Phosphorus Bulk Precipitation at Konza Prairie (NBP01) datasets.
  • N: 39.117714      S: 39.066187      E: -96.539134      W: -96.612899
  • Access constraints None Use Constraints We ask all publications, reports and proposals who use any data from KNZ acknowledge cite the KNZ program using the following statement: "Data for XXX was supported by the NSF Long Term Ecological Research Program at Konza Prairie Research Natural Area"; where XXX is the list of data sets used in the publications, reports or proposals.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/b1738ba19665a4673ae3107aae5f6942
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