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  • Santa Barbara Channel Marine BON: Integrated taxa
  • Miller, Robert
  • Rassweiler, Andrew
  • Reed, Daniel
  • Lafferty, Kevin
  • Kui, Li
  • O'Brien, Margaret
  • 2017-01-06
  • The Santa Barbara Channel Marine Biodiversity Network (SBC MBON) tracks long-term patterns in species abundance and diversity. By integrating research and monitoring efforts (both existing and de novo data), we provide a comprehensive view of biodiversity in the region. The SBC MBON was initiated in 2014, and This dataset is a combined species list from all datasets currently handled and integrated by SBC MBON, with identifiers from an appropriate taxonomic registry included for each taxa. Because this species list reflects the integration of multiple collections, it will be updated as SBC MBON integration efforts develop. As of late 2016, this datasets contains approximately 400 taxa from combined observations beginning in 1980. We expect to be reporting on approximately 1000 taxa by 2020. Data include a code for the originating project and sampling method, plus basic taxonomic lineage.
  • N: 34.8723666      S: 32.8      E: -118.4      W: -120.65022
  • edi.7.1  
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  • doi:10.6073/pasta/d09d4bfd54e6d4e490b4cc34731d808e

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