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  • VCR LTER Global Positioning System Projects 1992 to 2004
  • Carlson, Charles
  • 2008-02-21
  • This dataset is a compendium of GPS Data collected by Randy Carlson and collaborators on the Virginia Coast Reserve (primarily), Plum Island and North Inlet. A master data table was extracted by Charles L. Carlson during 2013 that includes all the individual point locations recovered from individual surveys. In addition to the data table, the data is also shared as a .zip file containing a static web page with links to particular projects and the underlying data. To use the data, unzip it and use your web browser to open the index.html file. Web page contents include: American Oyster Catchers on the Virginia Coast Reserve - 2003 Lynette Winters - Salicornia - MSL elevation project Dynamic Evolution of Barrier Island Morphology and Ecology from 1996-2002 Documented Using High -Resolution GPS-GIS Topographic Mapping Surveys, Virginia Coast Reserve (for GSA, Denver, CO Oct 27-30, 2002 Broadwater Tower Overwash Fan Photos - Feburary 15, 2002 Hog Island Bay DGPS Drifter Study 2001 Ray Dueser/Nancy Moncrief Small Mammal GPS/GIS A Topographical History of North Myrtle Island, 1974 to 2001 Ray Dueser/Nancy Moncrief - Highest Elevations on VCR Barrier Islands Myrtle Island Planimetric area, Surface area & Volumetric Calculations 1996-2001 Myrtle, Ship Shoal GIS/GPS UTM Shape Files and Grids Myrtle, Ship Shoal, ESNWR, Shirley, Steelman's Landing Text Files Complete List of All Small Mammal Trap locations 1995 - 2001 Ship Shoal Island Small Mammal Traps 1997 - 2000 LTER Cross-Site GPS Surveys Hobcaw Barony / Baruch Institue SET/GPS Survey, South Carolina, December 2000 PIE/LTER - Plum Island Sound GPS Network, July 1998 Montandon Marsh at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 1997 Bathymetric Survey Procedures, Schematic Diagrams and Instructions The following instructions and procedures are used with reference to the Trimble 4000 SE Global Positioning System receiver, the Trimble NavBeacon XL, the Innerspace Digital Fathometer (Model 448) and the Innerspace DataLog with Guidance Software. GPS-referenced digital bathymetry Schematic Diagram of DGPS/Digital Fathometer connections for bathymetry Instructions for DataLog w/Guidance Software (Innerspace Digital Fathometer) Instructions for Trimble 4000 SE GPS Receiver and Trimble Navbeacon XL Innerspace Digital Fathometer - Model 448 - Field Protocol for Bathymetric Surveys Archived Bathymetric Projects Hog Island Bay DGPS Bathymetric Survey, 1999/2000 Phillip's Creek DGPS Bathymetric Survey 1999/2000 Oyster Harbor Bathymetric Survey (February 2000) Smith Point, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland DGPS Bathymetric Survey, Sept. 2001 Fishermans/Smith/Mockhorn Bay Bathymetric Survey 2000 to 2001 Post-processed Kinematic GPS data: Is It Precise? (1998) Small Mammal GPS/GIS Applications Hog Island Small Mammal Traps on T1, T2, T4, T5 Fowling Point 1996, 1997 Geomorphology Applications Parramore Island, Virginia Parramore Pimple Overwash Fans 1996 Parramore Pimple Overwash Fans 1997 Parramore Island Overwash Fans June 1998 Parramore Island Plugs - August 1998 Parramore Island Overwash Fan 1999 Hog Island, Virginia Broadwater Tower Overwash Fan June 1998 Photos of Broadwater Tower Overwash Fan - March 13, 1999 Broadwater Tower Overwash Fan 1999 Myrtle Island, Virginia A Topographical History of Myrtle Island, 1996 to 2001 Cobb and Fisherman's Islands, Virginia Cobb Island Overwash Fan July 1998 Fisherman's Island - ESNWR and ODU September /1998 Brownsville Farm GPS/GIS Project Long-Term Inundation Project, Christian/Thomas Brinson/Christian/Blum Project Eileen Appolone (ECU) Lisa Ricker's Static GPS Points in Northampton County Eileen Applone (East Carolina University) Static Survey d99124 Brownsville Farm GPS/GIS Project, Christian/Blum/Brinson VCR/LTER Tide Gauges and Water Level Recorders Red Bank Tide Gauge (part of Fowling Pt. survey) Hog Island WLR's 1996 (Brinson) Hog Island Tide Gauge 12/96 High tide surveys at PIE/LTER with Chuck Hopkinson Jim Morris, USC, at Debidue Island, South Carolina Benchmark BRNV in Brownsville, VCR/LTER Miscellaneous Static Sub-Networks Frank Day/Don Young - North Hog 2/99 (Excel File) or a TEXT file Frank Day 120 YR Old Dune Survey (Excel File) or a TEXT file Kindra Loomis GPS Kinematic/Topographic Survey 12/97 Clubhouse Creek at Parramore Island 1997 Phragmites on Southern Hog Island - (dataset only) (9/98) Oyster Harbor 1997 (Hayden & Porter) Southern Hog 1996 (Zieman) VCR/LTER Sediment Elevation Tables - Mockhorn/Wachapreague, August 2001 Aaron Mills Benchmarks - Research Field in Oyster, October 2001 Birds Nests on the Virginia Coast Reserve VCR Birds 1997 (Erwin) VCR Birds 1995 and 1996 (Erwin) Mike Erwin/ Rachel Rounds/ Shellpile Points, August 2001 Miscellaneous Post-processed GPS data: Is It Accurate? (1998) Miscellaneous GPS Points (pre-1992) 1992 and 1994 GPS Work by VCR/LTER UTM's OF RESEARCH SITES VCR/LTER GPS NETWORK (gif image)
  • Geographic Coordinates
    • N: 37.395033493489464, S: 37.395033493489464, E: -75.70524215698242, W: -75.70524215698242
    • N: 37.5, S: 37.36, E: -75.7, W: -75.81
    • N: 37.21, S: 37.18, E: -75.8, W: -75.84
  • Data License This data is released under a CC-BY Attribution license ( The consumer of these data ("Data User" herein) has an ethical obligation to cite it appropriately in any publication that results from its use. The Data User should realize that these data may be actively used by others for ongoing research and that coordination may be necessary to prevent duplicate publication. The Data User is urged to contact the authors of these data if any questions about methodology or results occur. Where appropriate, the Data User is encouraged to consider collaboration or coauthorship with the authors. The Data User should realize that misinterpretation of data may occur if used out of context of the original study. While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and associated documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available "as is." The Data User should be aware, however, that data are updated periodically and it is the responsibility of the Data User to check for new versions of the data. The data authors and the repository where these data were obtained shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of the data. Thank you. Additional Disclaimers: This dataset was created by harvesting a web page to create a static web page for archival purposes. Links that were not operable when the data was harvested will not work in the static version, so some data may be missing from the resulting web page.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/a7e09473755db9fd656f5f9fe73f02b9

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