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  • SGS-LTER CPER Hillslope Soil Spatial Variability on the Central Plains Experimental Range, Nunn, Colorado, USA 1983-1984
  • Kelly, Gene; Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
  • 2013
  • This data package was produced by researchers working on the Shortgrass Steppe Long Term Ecological Research (SGS-LTER) Project, administered at Colorado State University. Long-term datasets and background information (proposals, reports, photographs, etc.) on the SGS-LTER project are contained in a comprehensive project collection within the Digital Collections of Colorado ( The data table and associated metadata document, which is generated in Ecological Metadata Language, may be available through other repositories serving the ecological research community and represent components of the larger SGS-LTER project collection. Additional information and referenced materials can be found: CPER Hillslope Soil Spatial Variability - Pedons were characterized along three parallel transects, spaced at approximate 40 m intervals perpendicular to a hillslope at the CPER. Pedons were described at 7 landscape positions along each transect: summit, shoulder, upper backslope, middle backslope, lower backslope, footslope, and toeslope. Pedons were described by genetic horizon according to the standards of the National Cooperative Soil Survey. Analyses included: particle size; organic C; total N; organic and total P. Bulk Density was estimated using particle size and organic C data, according to: Rawls, W.J. 1983. Estimating soil bulk density from particle size analysis and organic matter content. Soil Sci. 135: 123-125.
  • N: 40.8575      S: 40.800278      E: -104.730556      W: -104.785833
  • knb-lter-sgs.131.17  
  • URL for Access Policies Data Access Policy Data sets were provided by the Shortgrass Steppe Long Term Ecological Research (SGS-LTER) Program, a partnership between Colorado State University, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, and the U.S. Forest Service Pawnee National Grassland. Significant funding for these data was provided by the National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research program (NSF Grant Number DEB-1027319). The SGS-LTER project (1980-2014) was established as one of the first sites in the US LTER Network and has produce a rich legacy of digital materials including reports, proposals, images, and data packages. Data, products and other information produced from the SGS-LTER are curated as a collection within the Digital Collections of Colorado ( Materials can be accessed from the Institutional Digital Repository of Colorado State University or upon request by emailing All data are open for dissemination and re-use for any purpose, but you must attribute credit to the owner and cite use appropriately according to the LTER Data Access Policy.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/c1c8af55d8134ae109773909236dff16
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