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  • Sediment trap results from Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition (ASPIRE) including C, N and mass fluxes and isotopic composition, Dec 2010 - Dec 2011
  • Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
  • Ducklow, Hugh; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
  • 2017-03-29
  • The gravitational settling of particles is a major biogeochemical process linking the carbon cycles and ecosystems of the upper ocean, twilight zone and deep sea. Particle interceptor or sediment traps are used to collect settling particles and provide estimates of their vertical fluxes to various depths. We used a new Technicap 24-sample time series sediment trap deployed at 350 m depth in the Amundsen Sea polynya (73o 49’ S, 113o 04’ W, 2010-12.
  • The data available here are intended for scholarly use by the research community, with the express understanding that data users will properly acknowledge the originating investigator. Use or reproduction of any material herein for any commercial purpose is prohibited without prior written permission from the responsible party.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/813c1677e9290bc2d22fb9e946caf449

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