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  • A-1 (2195 m) climate station: Precipitation data
  • Losleben, Mark
  • 1993
  • Precipitation data were collected from a ridgetop climate station east of Niwot Ridge (A-1 @ 2195 m) throughout the year using chart recorders. Initially, instrumentation consisted of an 8-inch metal rain gauge with the receiving rim about 3 feet above the ground and measurements were made on an approximately weekly basis. More recently, instrumentation consisted of a Fergusson-type weighing rain gauge. Precipitation was caught in a bucket containing ethylene glycol (to melt snow) and light oil (to prevent evaporation). As the weight of the bucket increased, the pen moved up via a spring mechanism and recorded on a rotating chart. Precipitation was recorded on a continuous basis.
  • N: 40.0615      S: 39.9932      E: -105.3753      W: -105.643
  • knb-lter-nwt.11.2  
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/4211d6509e07f13cb30f46f7737f94b2
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