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  • MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Water Column: Particle sedimentation on the Forereef, Back Reef and Fringing Reef
  • Moorea Coral Reef LTER
  • Alldredge, Alice; Principal Investigator; Moorea Coral Reef LTER
  • 2012-03-28
  • This data package contains measurements of the sedimentation rate of particulate matter to the seafloor on the forereef, backreef and fringing reef of the north shore of Moorea, French Polynesia, during 2 to 4 seasons per year from August 2005 to January 2011. Measurements include estimates of the accumulation rate of particulate organic carbon (POC), particulate organic nitrogen (PON), and dry mass. Samples were collected with 2 different types of sediment traps. From August, 2005 to January 2008 samples were collected using plastic door matting placed in plastic trays 1 cm deep and 195.5 cm2 in area. From January, 2008 to January, 2011 samples were collected in plastic tubes 5.2 cm inside diameter and 17.5 cm high (21.26 cm2). During each sampling period 3 replicate traps were placed at random on the seafloor and retrieved approximately 24 hours later. See caveats to data interpretation in methods discussion.
  • Geographic Coordinates
    • N: -17.45, S: -17.62, E: -149.67, W: -150.0
    • N: -17.47185366, S: -17.48641792, E: -149.829821, W: -149.8455917
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  • doi:10.6073/pasta/37cc8107793d4d5e8b13bcffea114aaa
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