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  • Long-term Vegetation Dynamics in Southwestern New Hampshire from 13000 BP to Present
  • Schoonmaker, Peter
  • Foster, David
  • 2003
  • The paleoecological record allows contemporary ecologists to put current phenomena into the context of a longer time-frame, thereby providing the opportunity to evaluate the importance of slowly operating processes, past cyclic or unusual events, disturbance regimes, and historically constrained phenomena. We briefly outline the environmental history of the Quaternary, discuss the spatial and temporal resolution of the paleoecological evidence for biotic change, and summarize data relevant to such current issues as the nature of the biotic community, the role of disturbance, stability versus rapid change, evolutionary theory, explanations of species diversity, and refugia theory. Finally, we offer examples of the utility of paleoecological techniques for ecologists and environmental scientists.
  • N: 42.83      S: 42.83      E: -72.44      W: -72.44
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  • doi:10.6073/pasta/57261da56854501a217d761e3a133f57
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