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  • Longitudinal Streamflow in Headwater Streams on Prospect Hill Tract at Harvard Forest 2003
  • Colburn, Elizabeth
  • 2006
  • We have initiated long-term monitoring of streamflow in headwater streams on the Prospect Hill Tract at the Harvard Forest. In addition, we have periodically recorded summer flow conditions longitudinally along the length of headwaters within Harvard Forest to obtain information about spatial heterogeneity of flow and of availability of aquatic habitat within these headwaters. In summer of 2003, we recorded streamflow each week at 20-m intervals along the length of two tributaries of Nelson Brook, Tributary A, from Route 32 to its outlet from the Black Gum Swamp, and Tributary B, from its junction with Tributary A to its origin in wetlands north of Prospect Hill Road.
  • N: 42.55      S: 42.53      E: -72.17      W: -72.2
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  • doi:10.6073/pasta/fac99fa7fbad5faad008c55912ea4fdc
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