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  • Tree Growth and Coarse Woody Debris in Regenerating Forests at Harvard Forest since 2008
  • Dunn, Allison
  • 2011
  • This project is a field-based study to measure sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in a regenerating New England forest. This study established long-term biometric plots suitable for measuring changes in carbon storage through time in three forest stands: an early-20th-century conifer plantation, a naturally regenerating former conifer plantation harvested in the 1990s, and a conifer plantation scheduled for harvest next winter. The first three years of this project determined the initial carbon budget of these forest stands, measured carbon fluxes into and out of these stands, and laid the groundwork for future investigations. Subsequent years will investigate larger-scale questions, such as how successional patterns affect carbon sequestration, and how these patterns change with stand age. The work also addresses how forestry practices influence carbon sequestration, and provide guidance for how forest management could enhance terrestrial carbon uptake in the future.
  • N: 42.53      S: 42.53      E: -72.19      W: -72.19
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  • doi:10.6073/pasta/d45983c494ba7baa4341133cf2a5ac71
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