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  • Mollusc population abundance monitoring: Fall 2000 mid-marsh and creekbank infaunal and epifaunal mollusc abundance based on collections from GCE marsh, monitoring sites 1-10
  • Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
  • Bishop, Thomas Dale; University of Georgia
  • 2003
  • This data set is the Fall 2000 estimate of infaunal and epifaunal mollusc abundance at the GCE-LTER marsh sites used for population monitoring. Species abundance was determined by hand-collecting all the infaunal and epifaunal molluscs from within quadrats of known area in mid-marsh and creekbank zones (n = 4 quadrats per zone) at all sites. The molluscs were returned to the lab, fixed in fomalin, transferred to and preserved in ethanol, counted and measured (size data is reported separately). The counts were converted to number per square meter. Gastropod species are listed first, followed by bivalve species. Size distribution data for these collections may be found in the GCE-LTER data set INV-GCEM-0305a2.
  • N: 31.539491      S: 31.307529      E: -81.228956      W: -81.478709
  • All publications based on this data set must cite the contributor and Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER project, and two copies of the manuscript must be submitted to the GCE-LTER Information Management Office.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/2af670fc97b254721df739cd4ae0eebc

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