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  • Spring 2003 crab population monitoring: mid-marsh and creekbank abundance based on crab hole counts at GCE marsh, monitoring sites 1-10
  • Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
  • Bishop, Thomas Dale; University of Georgia
  • 2004
  • This data set is the Spring 2003 estimate of crab densities at the GCE-LTER marsh sites used for population monitoring. Crab abundance was determined by counting the number of crab holes within a 625 cm^2 quadrat and converting the counts to number per square meter. Counts were made in the mid-marsh and creekbank zones (n = 4 per zone) at all sites. This method does not differentiate which species made a particular hole and therefore only estimates total crab abundance. Plugged holes were excluded from the counts. Mean density across all sites and zones was 264 m^-2 (+/- 215 s.d.).
  • N: 31.539491      S: 31.307529      E: -81.228956      W: -81.478709
  • All publications based on this data set must cite the contributor and Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER project, and two copies of the manuscript must be submitted to the GCE-LTER Information Management Office.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/ec110bd3977263a90c56d50c8389ce7e
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