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  • Arabidopsis BioCON evolutionary study:Arabidopsis thaliana, Bromus inermis phenotypic selection analysis
  • Tiffin, Peter
  • 2015-06-03
  • We know a lot about the potential ecological effects of increasing concentrations to atmospheric CO2; however, we know relatively little about whether increased concentrations will also affect evolution. In collaboration with Jennifer Lau (KBS and Michigan State University), Peter Reich (U of MN Forestry) and Ruth Shaw (U of MN EEB) we are using a combination traditional quantitative genetic and QTL approaches to determine the effect elevated CO2 has on; patterns of selection, responses to selection, and the genetic basis of phenotypic variation.
  • N: 45.44138      S: 45.384865      E: -93.16289      W: -93.22445
  • Code of Ethics and Rules for Use of Cedar Creek LTER and Related Data As a condition for access to data provided by researchers of the Cedar Creek LTER, I agree to abide by the following code of ethics. A. I agree to notify the Cedar Creek LTER scientists who gathered data if I would like to use those data in any publication. I acknowledge that these data were gathered by Cedar Creek scientists because they had already perceived the importance of these data for a variety of scientific and societal issues. I will provide them with formal recognition that, at their discretion, may include co-authorship or acknowledgements on publications. B. I realize that the researchers who gathered these data may be using them for scientific analyses, papers or publications that are currently planned or in preparation, and that such activities have precedence over any that I might wish to prepare. In this case, my preparation of any work may be delayed, at the option of the Cedar Creek researchers involved, until their work is completed. C. Because it may be possible to misinterpret a data set if it is taken out of context, I will seek the assistance and opinion of those Cedar Creek researchers involved in the design of a study and the collection of the data as I analyze the data. Moreover, I realize that this computer data set is not complete, and it may contain errors. The complete data set includes extensive written documentation, which should be referenced to reduce the chance of errors in data and errors of interpretation.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/db868bface7f84b1b8fd6b0db9cac34f
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