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  • Longterm Water Monitoring, central Arizona-Phoenix: monitoring site locations
  • Hope, Diane; Field Project Manager, LTER, CES and Biology; Arizona State University
  • Edmonds, Jennifer; Arizona State University
  • Baker, Lawrence A.; Consultant; Baker Environmental Consulting, Inc.
  • Grimm, Nancy B.; Professor/Lead PI; Arizona State University
  • The main aim of this project is to initiate and develop a field sampling program designed to answer the following questions: (1) What are the concentrations and amounts of key nutrients, salts and trace metals being imported to and exported from the CAP LTER urban areas in surface waters (rivers and canals)? (2) How do these terms change over time in response to increasing urbanization and variations in climate? (3) What are the spatial patterns of accumulation and export, and how do these relate to specific land use patches?
  • N: 33.626396      S: 33.437094      E: -111.575268      W: -112.282581
  • knb-lter-cap.114.8  
  • Copyright Board of Regents, Arizona State University. This dataset is released to the public and may be used for academic, educational, or commercial purposes subject to the following restrictions: While CAP LTER will make every effort possible to control and document the quality of the data it publishes, the data are made available "as is". CAP LTER cannot assume responsibility for damages resulting from mis-use or mis-interpretation of datasets or from errors or omissions that may exist in the data. It is considered a matter of professional ethics to acknowledge the work of other scientists that has resulted in data used in subsequent research. CAP LTER expects that any use of data from this server will be accompanied with the appropriate citations and acknowledgments. CAP LTER encourages users to contact the original investigator responsible for the data that they are accessing. Where appropriate, researchers whose projects are integrally dependent on CAP LTER data are encouraged to consider collaboration and/or co-authorship with original investigators. CAP LTER requests that users submit to the Global Institute of Sustainability, ASU, one copy of any publication resulting from the use of data obtained from this site. CAP LTER requests that users not redistribute data obtained from this site. However, links or references to this site may be freely posted.
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/e7184da0c799b98c80c85addc07270c7
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