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  • Biodiversity - Fauna - Bird Survey - Table 4 of 4 - Surveys
  • Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • Nilon, Charlie; Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • 2010-06-16
  • This dataset is associated with BES Bird Monitoring Bird Monitoring Project: ================= The BES Bird Monitoring Project is a breeding bird survey designed to find out what birds are found in the breeding season in Baltimore and where. Our monitoring efforts will show associations among block group socioeconomic variables, land cover, land use, and habitat features with breeding bird abundance, to provide information for land managers on possible consequences of land use changes on bird communities. A distinguishing feature of the bird monitoring at BES LTER, relative to other urban bird work, is the capacity for long-term monitoring of features at multiple scales through links to other parts of the project. Different processes influence habitat for birds at different scales, e.g. ongoing household level human decision-making at lot scale vs. block or neighborhood scale abandonment/re-development. Our project seeks to understand how these processes impact bird occurrence, abundance, and composition differ at the lot, block and neighborhood scale. The database consists of four tables. Sites, Surveys, Taxalist, and Birds. Sites records thje sites and their characteristics. Surveys describe the actual outings or sampling sessions. They describe the weather, the temperature, the sites visited. Taxalist provides the integration of speciaies abbreviations and common names, and Birds describes the actual sightings, linking to the other three tables. Attribute information: The tables form a set. Here are the fields and relationship information: Surveys: site_id FK->Sites[site_id] survey_id survey_date time_start time_end observer wind_speed wind_dir air_temp temp_units cloud_cover notes Sites: site_id park_code park_district park_name point_code point_location park_acreage Taxalist: species_id common_name Birds: survey_id FK->surveys[survey_id] site_id FK->surveys[site_id] species_id FK->taxalist[species_id] distance bird_count notes seen heard direction time_class
  • N: 39.724847      S: 38.708367      E: -76.012008      W: -77.314183
  • Publisher: Charlie Nilon The scientists the BES-LTER Program and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies must receive adequate acknowledgement for the use of data. Please inform the BES Project Facilitator and use a statement such as the following to give credit on any document using the data: 'Data was supported by the Baltimore Ecosystem Study'
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/075297a5f30067526f80dc928d80a292

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