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  • Meteorology - Reference Station - Early project Data
  • Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
  • Heisler, Gordon; Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
  • 2001-01-11
  • The data are from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) reference meteorological station. As part of the LTER program, BES includes research on hydrology, vegetation, social factors affecting urban environment, climatology, air quality, and wildlife. The reference station was installed at the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MD, within the 30-km-long Gwynns Falls Watershed in April 2000. The Gwynns Falls Watershed is the focus of the majority of BES research. The variables measured at the reference station include all those in LTER Climate Committee Standards for Level 3 Meteorology: air temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, total solar radiation, incoming photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), reflected PAR, atmospheric pressure, soil temperature at two depths, and volumetric soil moisture. Net all-wave radiation and soil heat flux are also measured. The reference station is in a relatively open location in a pasture field. For most variables, both hourly averages and maximum and minimum values were measured. Only average values are included in this data set. Maximum and minimum values are available from the author on special request.
  • N: 39.724847      S: 38.708367      E: -76.012008      W: -77.314183
  • knb-lter-bes.391.10  
  • Publisher: Gordon Heisler The scientists the BES-LTER Program and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies must receive adequate acknowledgement for the use of data. Please inform the BES Project Facilitator and use a statement such as the following to give credit on any document using the data: 'Data was supported by the Baltimore Ecosystem Study'
  • doi:10.6073/pasta/93947dbcda7577d0c0ce82dfcdb86e1d
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