Welcome to the EDI Data Portal

Data are one of the most valuable products of the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI). Data and metadata derived from publicly funded research are made available online with as few restrictions as possible, on a non-discriminatory basis. In return, EDI expects data users to act ethically by contacting the investigator prior to the use of data for publication.

The EDI Data Portal contains environmental and ecological data packages contributed by a number of participating organizations. Please review the EDI Data Policy before downloading any data product. We request that you cite data sources in your published and unpublished works whenever possible. Digital object identifiers (DOI) are provided for each dataset to facilitate citation.

Contributing scientists make every effort to release data in a timely fashion and with attention to accurate, well-designed and well-documented data. To understand data fully, please read the associated metadata and contact data providers if you have any questions. The Environmental Data Initiative is not responsible for misinterpretation of data resulting from failure to consult metadata or data providers.

Site contributed data packages: 5900
Total data packages: 42353

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