Matlab Code

Download the .m file and save it to a directory in the MATLAB path, then start MATLAB and run it using the syntax:
    [data,msg] = knb_lter_XX_YY(pn,cachedata,username,password,entities)

    knb_lter_XX_YY is the function m-file name derived from the packageID of the dataset (e.g. knb_lter_knz_95_5)
    pn = file system path for saving temporary files (default = pwd)
    cachedata = option to use cached entity files if they exist in pn (0 = no/default, 1 = yes)
    username = username for HTTPS authentication (default = for anonymous)
    password = password for HTTPS authentication (default = for anonymous)
    entities = cell array of entities to retrieve (default = for all)
    data = structure containing fields for parsed metadata and data arrays
    msg = text of any error messages ( for no errors)

Note that username and password are only required for data tables where authenticated access is required, and the cURL executable must be present in the MATLAB path (see
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