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Vascular Plant Species at Harvard Forest 1992Motzkin, Glenn
Species list for Bonanza Creek Experimental ForestBonanza Creek LTER
Van Cleve, Keith
Chapin, F. Stuart
Ruess, Roger W.
Hollingsworth, Teresa Nettleton
Vascular plant species list, by quadrat, for harvests of tussock , wet sedge and dry heath tundra and a toposequence which included "shrub/lupine," "riverside willow" and "footslope Equisetum" communities North Slope Alaska, Arctic LTER 1983-1996.Shaver, Gaius
Gough, Laura
Nitrogen fixation, nodule respiration, and nodule Frankia identiy in alder growing in control, N-fertilized, and P-fertilized stands.Bonanza Creek LTER
Ruess, Roger W.
Seed Bank in Hemlock Removal Experiment at Harvard Forest 2004-2010Ellison, Aaron
Farnsworth, Elizabeth
Sullivan, Kelley
Vascular Flora of the Harvard Farm at Harvard Forest since 2014Motzkin, Glenn
Hoopes, Martha
Plethodon study from removal plots located at the Coweeta Hydrologic LaboratoryCoweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
University of Georgia
Maerz, John
Above ground plant and below ground stem biomass of samples from the moderately burned site at Anaktuvuk River, AlaskaBret-Harte, M. Syndonia
Mack, Michelle
Shaver, Gaius
Soil Water (Lysimeter) Chemistry for Mature Balsam Poplar and White Spruce for BCEFBonanza Creek LTER
Brenner, Richard
del 15N Values for Tanana River Floodplain Soils and Xylem Sap SamplesBonanza Creek LTER
Kielland, Knut

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