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Leelanau Conservancy Lakes Program, 1990-2011Department of Civil and Enivornmental Engineering, University of Michigan
Leelanau Conservancy
Canale, Raymond
Wolfe, Yarrow
Lake Wingra Exclosure Experiment at North Temperate Lakes LTER: Nutrients 2005 - 2008University of Wisconsin
Lathrop, Richard
Snowfence experiment soil chemistry and organic matter.Seastedt, Tim
Sawgrass Above and Below Ground Total Phosphorus from the Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park (FCE), from September 2002 to PresentFlorida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
Global Institute of Sustainability| School of Sustainability
Gaiser, Evelyn
Childers, Daniel
Sawgrass Above and Below Ground Total Phosphorus from the Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park (FCE), South Florida for March 2002 to PresentSoutheast Environmental Research Center
Global Institute of Sustainability| School of Sustainability
Troxler, Tiffany
Childers, Daniel
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Lake Monitoring Program, 1926-1998Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Minnesota Pollution Control
Heiskary, Steve
Ewert, Jason
ME Acadia National Park Lake Nutrient data 1975-2005National Park Service
Gawley, Bill
Stream water chemistry data for Arikaree cirque, 1984 - ongoingNiwot Ridge LTER
Caine, Nel
Wisconsin Forest County Potawatomi Communit Water Resources Program lake chemistry 2003-2010Forest County Potawatomi Community Water Resources Program
Steinbach, Mathew
Landscape Position Project: Chemical LimnologyNTL LTER
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin
Greenfield, Ben
Hrabik, Thomas
Kratz, Timothy
Lewis, David
Pollard, Amina
Wilson, Karen

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