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McMurdo Dry Valleys Ice Thickness for Taylor Valley Lakes, AntarcticaMontana State University
Priscu, John
Chloride and sulfate concentrations in 1918 Marsh, Madison, WI, 2012-2016University of Wisconsin
Magnuson, John
Helmueller, Greta
Dugan, Hilary
McMurdo Dry Valleys Lakes Vertical Profile of Photosynthetic Active RadiationMontana State University
Priscu, John
McMurdo Dry Valleys Glacier Snow DensitiesPortland State University
University of Colorado
Fountain, Andrew
Gooseff, Michael
McMurdo Dry Valleys Stable Isotope Data for Lake ChadOhio State University
Lyons, Berry
McMurdo Dry Valleys Piezometric Depths for Taylor Valley LakesLouisiana State University
Doran, Peter
2012-2013 Sub-ice Current Velocities Recorded with an Acoustic Doppler Current ProfilerCastendyk, Devin
Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest: Active layer depths at core floodplain sitesBonanza Creek LTER
Viereck, Leslie A.
Van Cleve, Keith
Chapin, F. Stuart
Ruess, Roger W.
McMurdo Dry Valleys CTD profiles in LakesMontana State University
Priscu, John
North Temperate Lakes LTER: Snow and Ice Depth 1982 - currentUniversity of Wisconsin
Lead PI, NTL
Magnuson, John
Carpenter, Stephen
Stanley, Emily

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