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Surface Elevation Data for the Upper Phillips Creek Marsh at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1998-Blum, Linda
Christian, Robert
Brinson, Mark
Willis, Patricia
Ground surface elevation measurements for Surface Elevation Tables in the Brownsville Marsh on the Virginia Coast Reserve 1998Blum, Linda
Christian, Robert
Brinson, Mark
Surface elevation table (SET) raw data from six marsh sites along the Rowley River.Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Giblin, Anne
Hopkinson, Charles
Marsh surface marker horizon measurements at each Surface Elevation Table (SET) site.Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Giblin, Anne
Hopkinson, Charles
Sonadora elevational plots: long-term monitoring of air temperatureRamIrez, Alonso
Surface Elevation Table Lagoon Data for Wachapregue marshes and north Mockhorn Island of the Virginia Coast Reserve 2002-2014Erwin, R.
Prosser, Diann
MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Bathymetry Grid for North ShoreMoorea Coral Reef LTER
Hench, James
Database of Geographic Information: Hill shade, of the 1:250000 scale Digital Elevation Model of ArizonaUSGS
Arizona Meterological Network (azmet) location of weather stationsArizona Meteorological Network
Marsh surface elevation data from control plots in a Spartina alterniflora-dominated salt marsh at Law's Point, Rowley River, Plum Island Ecosystem (PIE) LTER, MA.Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Morris, Jim
Sundberg, Karen

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