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Annual Number of Storms on the Virginia Coast 1885-2002Hayden, Bruce
Extratropical Storms (1885-1996) Count by Month (USA)Hayden, Bruce
Forest Inventory of the Ice Storm Experiment (ISE) plots at the Hubbard Brook Experimental ForestUSDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rustad, Lindsey
Driscoll, Charles
Hurricane record for the Virginia Coast Reserve, 1667-1976Hayden, Bruce
Storm nutrient dynamics at Andrews Experimental Forest stream gages, 2001 to 2003Andrews Forest LTER Site
Johnson, Sherri L.
Urban storm runoff study conducted in the central Arizona-Phoenix area: study site locationsArizona State University
Chan, Andy
Hope, Diane
Naegeli, Markus
Grimm, Nancy B.
Storm event chemistry and discharge for C2, C3, and C4 watersheds at CPCRW in response to the Frostfire event: 1999Bonanza Creek LTER
Petrone, Kevin C.
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Hierarchical regulation of nitrogen export from urban catchments in central Arizona-PhoenixArizona State University
Lewis, David
Grimm, Nancy
Discharge of three small creeks along the Delmarva Peninsula 2003-2009Anderson, Iris
Stanhope, Jennifer
McGlathery, Karen
Overman, Kathleen
Stream, hyporheic, and ground water chemistry of McRae Creek in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1989 to 1992Wondzell, Steven M.

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