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Biodiversity - Fauna - Soil Fauna - Species ListCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Szlavecz, Kathy
KIC01 Konza Prairie Terrestrial Arthropods Species ListJoern, Anthony
Vascular Plant Species at Harvard Forest 1992Motzkin, Glenn
Species list for Bonanza Creek Experimental ForestBonanza Creek LTER
Van Cleve, Keith
Chapin, F. Stuart
Ruess, Roger W.
Hollingsworth, Teresa Nettleton
Breeding Bird Species at Harvard Forest 1993Lent, Richard
Bryophyte Species at Harvard Forest 1994Motzkin, Glenn
Wilson, Paul
Biodiversity Lists from a Southwest Michigan Landscape at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI2016knb-lter-kbs.22.23
Santa Barbara Channel Marine BON: Integrated taxaMiller, Robert
Rassweiler, Andrew
Reed, Daniel
Lafferty, Kevin
Kui, Li
O'Brien, Margaret
PVC01 Plant Species Composition on Selected Watersheds at Konza PrairieHartnett, David
Vascular plant species list, by quadrat, for harvests of tussock , wet sedge and dry heath tundra and a toposequence which included "shrub/lupine," "riverside willow" and "footslope Equisetum" communities North Slope Alaska, Arctic LTER 1983-1996.Shaver, Gaius
Gough, Laura

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