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Vegetation Cover Permanent Plot Data : Biomass at Upper Phillips Creek marsh at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1990Christian, Robert
Blum, Linda
Soil Characterization of the End of the Year Biomass marshes along the Virginia Coast Reserve 1999Thomas, Cassondra
Blum, Linda
Christian, Robert
Effects of plant community type on soil nitrogen availability along a toposequence in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.Janik, Caroline
Ant nest soil organic matterDi Marco, Rodolfo
SGS-LTER Earthwatch - Organic Matter in Abandoned Fields in eastern Colorado, USA 1994-1995Haub School and Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources Haub School and Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources
Burke, Ingrid
Effects of Warming on Soil Biogeochemistry at Harvard Forest 2014-2015DeAngelis, Kristen
Melillo, Jerry
Pold, Grace
Bulk density, organic matter content, and total carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus content of soils collected from Acomastylis rossii and Kobresia myosuroides paired plots.Seastedt, Tim
Cortinas, M.
Patterns in soil and physical properties of the Bisley Watersheds 1 and 2 (Big Dig 1988, Big Dig 1990)University of California-Berkeley
Silver, Whendee
Autumnal Litter Input in DIRT Litter Manipulation Experiment at Harvard Forest 2008Bowden, Richard
Frey, Serita
Eight Mile Lake Research Watershed, Thaw Gradient: Half-hourly snow depth data, 2012-2015Bonanza Creek LTER
Schuur, Edward A.G.
Plaza, Cesar
Mauritz, Marguerite

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