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Hog Island Soil Nutrient Data 1991-1992Day, Frank
Bisley 40 X 40 grid vegetation and site characteristicsHeartsill-Scalley, Tamara
Soil Characteristics and Nutrient Data from the Shark River Slough, within Everglades National Park (FCE), from March 2003 to March 2004Southeast Environmental Research Center
Global Institute of Sustainability| School of Sustainability
Troxler, Tiffany
Childers, Daniel
Soil Nutrient Distributions in Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands and Shrublands at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (1989)SEV LTER
Cross, Anne
Patterns in soil and physical properties of the Bisley Watersheds 1 and 2 (Big Dig 1988, Big Dig 1990)University of California-Berkeley
Silver, Whendee
Plant available NH4, NO3, and PO4 was determined at three site (LTER Toolik acidic and nonacidic tundra and Sagwon acidic tundra) and three community combinations (tussock, watertrack, and snowbed) Arctic LTER 1997.Gough, Laura
Ant nest soil nutrientsDi Marco, Rodolfo
Seedling and sapling dynamics of treefall pits and undisturbed florest floor in El Verde, Puerto RicoWalker, Lawrence R.
Surface Soil Canopy Position NutrientsVirginia, Ross
Crab Burrows, Soil Nutrients, and Spartina alterniflora : nutrients in Brownsville, VA 1992Lin, Winli

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