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Black spruce C cycling study along a temperature gradient in interior AlaskaBonanza Creek LTER
Vogel, Jason G.
Spatial Variation of Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF) (LEF_SOIL_CNP)Hall, Charles A.S.
Effect of krummholz establishment on soil previously occupied by tundra: carbon and nitrogen properties.Seastedt, Tim
The effects of tree islands and timberline on soil carbon, soil nitrogen, and soil phosphorus in high montane systems.Seastedt, Tim
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Deep Core Surveys at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (2001 to 2013)Michigan State University
Robertson, G.
Effects of Warming on Soil Microbial Oxidative Activity at Harvard Forest 2013DeAngelis, Kristen
Melillo, Jerry
Pold, Grace
Del 13C-CO2 of in situ soil respiration post tracer additionBonanza Creek LTER
McFarland, Jack W.
Effects of plant community type on soil nitrogen availability along a toposequence in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.Janik, Caroline
Quantitative Pit Soil Carbon and Nitrogen on Watershed 5 at the Hubbard Brook Expermental Forest, 1983-1998Environmental Defense Fund
Syracuse University
University of New Hampshire
Hamburg, Steven
Johnson, Chris
Vadeboncoeur, Matt
Monsoon Rainfall Manipulation Experiment (MRME): Soil Carbon Dioxide Concentrations from the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, NM (2010 - present)Department of Biology
Collins, Scott

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