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McMurdo Dry Valleys Simulations connecting metacommunity characteristics and biodiversity patternsUniversity of Colorado
Sokol, Eric
Model-derived backbarrier marsh width from GEOMBEST+ simulations of barrier island-marsh coupled evolution for a range of environmental conditions.Walters, David
Moore, Laura
ASR01 Short-term assessment of effects of burning on infiltration, runoff, and sediment and nutrient loss on Tallgrass Prairie using rainfall simulationMoore, Trisha
Modeled Soil Moisture and Temperature at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (1989 to 1998)Michigan State University
Robertson, G.
Residence time in lagoons on the coast of Virginia, 2002 and 2009Safak, Ilgar
Wiberg, Patricia
Richardson, David
McMurdo Dry Valleys Metacommunity dynamics simulations for diatoms in Antarctic pondsUniversity of Colorado
Sokol, Eric
Macrosystems VIDA Tree Growth Simulation - 100 by 100 World 30 SpeciesUniversity of New Mexico
Long-term changes in tundra carbon balance following wildfire, climate change and potential nutrient addition, a modeling analysis.Jiang, Yueyang
Monte-Carlo Simulation Models of Animal MovementDooley, James
Porter, John
Long term response of arctic tussock tundra to thermal erosion features: A modeling analysis. Tussock tundra regrowth after a thermal erosion event: Simulation A - increased Phase II soil organic matterArctic Long-Term Ecological Reserch Network
Pearce, Andrea

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