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Sediment trap in nearshore waters collected during Palmer LTER station season at Palmer Station Antarctica, 1992 - 1995.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Karl, David
Lead 210 profiles in sediment cores in South Bay, VirginiaMcGlathery, Karen
Greiner, Jill
Gunnell, John
McKee, Brent
Oreska, Matthew
Bost, Molly
MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Water Column: Particle sedimentation on the Forereef, Back Reef and Fringing ReefMoorea Coral Reef LTER
Alldredge, Alice
Enclosure/exclosure experiments in a montane Puerto Rican stream examining direct and indirect effects of two dominant taxa of atyid (Atyidae) shrimp, Atya lanipes Holthius and Xiphocaris elongata Guerin-Meneville (Shrimp/ Algae/ Oecologia (1993))Pringle, Catherine
Sedimentation rate, concentration of macronutrients and flux for NE14, Toolik, Dimple, Perched during Summer 2009.Arctic LTER Program
Johnson, Cody
Kling, George
Giblin, Anne
Vertical fluxes of particulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from a sediment trap deployed west of Palmer Station, Antarctica at a depth of 170 meters, 1992-present.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder
Ducklow, Hugh
Stammerjohn, Sharon
Paleolimnology of Lakes in Central New England from 2000 BP to PresentFrancis, Donna
Foster, David
Long-term Vegetation Dynamics on the Massachusetts Coast from 2000 BP to PresentParshall, Tim
Foster, David
Ecological Survey of Central Arizona: soil chemistry and soil properties in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding Sonoran desert, survey year 2000Arizona State University
Penn State
Childers, Dan
Grimm, Nancy
Hope, Diane
Kaye, Jason
Zhu, Weixing
Experimentally manipulated biota over a 30-40d period in two streams with distinctly different macrobiotic assemblagesPringle, Catherine

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