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Mean annual Secchi depth measurements in the period starting in 1969 provide a measure of water column transparency in the CalCOFI inshore and offshore areas, 1969 - 2004.California Current Ecosystem LTER
Ohman, Mark
DEEP Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse Lake Surveys, transparency/Secchi depth, 2000-2007CT DEEP Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse
Beauchene, Mike
USGS Williams Lake (MN) Secchi Depth DatasetUS Geological Survey: Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems Project (SHAEP)
Parkhurst, Renee
Lake Mendota water temperature secchi depth snow depth ice thickness and meterological conditions 1894 - 2007Robertson, Dale
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR): Quabbin Reservoir and Ware River watershed Secchi depth, 2005-2008Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Office of Watershed Management
Reyes, Paúl
Upper Midwest Great Lakes Region Citizen Secchi Data 1938 - 2012University of Wisconsin Madison
Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
Lottig, Noah
Wagner, Tyler
Henry, Emily
Webster, Katherine
Downing, John
Stow, Craig
Water Quality of Virginia Coastal Bays - physical data 1992-2008McGlathery, Karen
Christian, Robert
Blum, Linda
Daniel, Debbie
Miller, Margot
Spitler, James
Overman, Kathleen
Age data from Deuce and Dune Lakes, Interior AlaskaBonanza Creek LTER
Edwards, Mary
Finney, Bruce P.
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan's Lake Water Quality Assessment Program (MI-LWQA), 2001-2010Michigan Water Science Center
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Fuller, Lori
Bednarz, Ralph
Douglas Lake (MI) South Fishtail Bay Secchi Depth datasetUniversity of Michigan Biological Station
Vande Kopple, Bob

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