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Regeneration Following Clearcutting Study at Harvard Forest since 1991O'Keefe, John
Cecropia growth at El Verde gapsBrokaw, Nickolas
Linking Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Function at Harvard Forest 1996-2000Catovsky, Sebastian
Bazzaz, Fakhri
Riparian zone seedling establishment, growth, dynamics, and the influence of Rhododendron maximum soil moisture: forest floor data at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory from 1997 to 2000Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
Duke University
Beckage, Brian
Regeneration after Hurricane Hugo woody species more than 1m tall (9ha grid, El Verde) (Large 9Ha Grid)Walker, Lawrence R.
Regeneration after Hurricane Hugo woody species greater than 1cm tall (9ha grid, El Verde)(Wood fall from Hurricane Hugo 9Ha Grid)Walker, Lawrence R.
Ungulate-Forest Interactions in Partially Harvested Oak-Pine Stands in Central Massachusetts 2009Faison, Edward
DeStefano, Stephen
Foster, David
Post-fire recovery in the 2004 burns of interior Alaska: Densities of tree seedlings measured in 2008 by Joint Fire Science ProgramBonanza Creek LTER
Johnstone, Jill
Ungulate-Disturbance Interactions in Hemlock Ecosystems at Harvard Forest since 2012Faison, Edward
DeStefano, Stephen
Ellison, Aaron
Regeneration after Hurricane Hugo, woody species > 10 cm tall (9Ha grid, El Verde) (9Ha Plots Small Data Set)Brokaw, Nickolas

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