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Ecological and social interactions in urban parks in central Arizona-Phoenix: site locationsArizona State University
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Kinzig, Ann
Martin, Chris A
Machabee, Louis
Warren, Paige S.
Patterns in litterfall production from 12 forested sites along an elevation gradient in Pico del EsteSilver, Whendee
Prieta stream - Discharge and water level at pool 0RamIrez, Alonso
AET01 Konza prairie grass reference evapotranspirationMoore, Trisha
Revegetation of landslides, vegetation <0.1m (Small landslide plots at the Luquillo Experimental Forest)Walker, Lawrence R.
Regeneration after Hurricane Hugo woody species more than 1m tall (9ha grid, El Verde) (Large 9Ha Grid)Walker, Lawrence R.
Analysis of nutrients and data synthesis, mass balance: central Arizona-Phoenix metropolitan areaBaker Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Arizona State University
Baker, Lawrence A.
Ying, Xu
ADEQ (Arizona Department of Water Quality) database on well water chemistry and discharge for the Phoenix area, locations of the wells.Department of Environmental Quality
Ecological and social Interactions in urban parks: bird surveys in local parks in the central Arizona-Phoenix metropolitan areaUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst
Arizona State University
Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Warren, Paige S.
Kinzig, Ann
Martin, Chris A
Machabee, Louis
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen analysis:Effects of white pine invasion of old fields on biogeochemical processesHobbie, Sarah

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