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Predator Contributions to Belowground Responses to Climate Warming at Harvard Forest 2014Pelini, Shannon
Maran, Audrey
Counts of potential nest predators from Black-throated Blue Warbler territories, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, 1997 - 2010Department of Biological Sciences, Wellesley College
Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College
Migratory Bird Center, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Rodenhouse, Nick
Holmes, Richard T.
Sillett, Scott
Webster, Michael
LTREB: Lake Myvatn Predation experiments at Myvatn, Iceland during 2009 and 2011NTL LTER
University of Wisconsin
Dreyer, Jamin
Hoekman, David
Gratton, Claudio
Effects of the relative abundance of predatory mud crabs (Panopeus obesus and Eurytium limosum) on abundances of snails and fiddler crabs in a Georgia salt marshGeorgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
Duke University
Silliman, Brian R.
Biocomplexity at North Temperate Lakes LTER; Coordinated Field Studies: Predation Study Data 2000 - 2004University of Wisconsin
Carpenter, Stephen
Kitchell, Jim
Kratz, Timothy
Roth, Brian
SBC LTER: Santa Cruz Island: Abundance of Pycnopodia helianthoidesSanta Barbara Coastal LTER
Schmitt, Russell J
Holbrook, Sally J
Insect Population Dynamics on the Main Cropping System Experiment at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (1989 to 2013)Michigan State University
Landis, Douglas
Predatory impact of benthic fishes in an Appalachian stream at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory in 1998Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
Grossman, Gary D.
CSA02 Soil Macroarthropod Densities and Biomass on annually burned and unburned watershedsBlair, John
Count data of air-breathing fauna from visual transect surveys including water temperature, time, sea and weather conditions in Shark Bay Marine Park, Western Australia from February 2008 to July 2014Florida International University, BBC, MSB 250A
Florida Internatiional University, BBC, MSB 250J
Heithaus, Michael
Nowicki, Robert

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