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Adirondack Lakes Survey (NY): summer surface chemistry datat, 1984-1987New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation
Roy, Karen
Dukett, James
Unpublished data, Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection, lake water chemistry data, 1995-2004Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection
Dallaire, Thomas
USEPA EMAP Surface Waters Lake Database Northeast Lake Water Chemistry Data, 1991-1994US EPA, NHEERL Western Ecology Division
Stoddard, John
Del 13C ratios were measured for mosses collected from terrestrial, emergent and submerged sites in pond 13 of Imnavait Creek, North Slope Alaska 1990.Schell, Donald
Schoolyard ecology at North Temperate Lakes LTER: Dragonfly Species Presence at Stormwater Retention Ponds in July of 2014University of Wisconsin
Bohanan, Robert
National Surface Water Survey: Eastern Lake Survey-Phase I (ELSDS4 - Chemical Survey) 1984U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NHEERL Western Ecology Division
US EPA, NHEERL Western Ecology Division
Landers, Dixon
Baker, John
DEEP Lakes Grant Program water quality assessment, CT, 1937-2006CT DEP Lakes Program
Lee, Chuck
Acadia National Park, U.S. National Park Service using Lakes and Stream Monitoring Protocol for National Parks in the Northeast Temperate Network, Version 1.1 (2006-2011)National Park Service
Gawley, Bill
McMurdo Dry Valleys Limnological pHMontana State University
Priscu, John
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Ambient Lake Monitoring Program, 2005-2009New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Ambient Lake Monitoring Program
Poretti, Vic

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