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Baseline Spatial Variability Study at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (1988 to 1988)Michigan State University
Robertson, G.
Gross, Katherine
Core Site Phenology Study from the Chihuahaun Desert Grassland and Shrubland at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (2000-present )SEV LTER
Wright, Karen
WSC - Leaf area index (LAI) at various points within Wibu field site, 2012-2014University of Wisconsin
Zipper, Samuel
Booth, Eric
Loheide, Steven
Seasonal plant phenology in nodal plots.Walker, Marilyn
Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on alpine plant phenology: Post-1993 data.Theodose, Terry
Bowman, William
Individual plant phenology in nodal plotsWalker, Marilyn
Vegetative Phenology observations at the Andrews Experimental Forest, 2009 - PresentAndrews Forest LTER Site
Schulze, Mark D
Greenup values for interior alaska 1976 - PresentBonanza Creek LTER
Anderson, Jim
Elsner, Cobb
Fathauer, Ted
Euskirchen, Eugenie S.
Deep Core Soil Saturation ExtractsVirginia, Ross
Long-Term Elevation Plots (LTEP) (Altitudinal transects vegetation data along three rivers in the Luquillo Experimental Forest)University of Puerto Rico
Columbus State University
Zimmerman, Jess
Barone, John

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