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Heliconia fluid and organic matter analysesRichardson, Barbara A.
Georeferencing organic matter measurements on the VCR/LTER 1998Kerkering, Heather
Marsh sediment dynamics and organic matter survey VCR/LTER 1987-1988Nuttle, William
Snowfence experiment soil chemistry and organic matter.Seastedt, Tim
Composition and biolability of dissolved organic matter from arctic and boreal streams April 2015 - May 2016Bonanza Creek LTER
Mutschlecner, Audrey
Harms, Tamara
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Guerard, Jennifer
Upper Phillips Creek soil organic content and bulk density April, 2017Vinent, Orencio
Kirwan, Matthew
Hog Island Bay Nutrient Data at the Virginia Coast Reserve 2001-2002Anderson, Iris
Kozak, Amber
McGlathery, Karen
Particulate organic carbon and nitrogen measurements from water column sample bottles, collected aboard Palmer LTER annual cruises off the Western Antarctic Peninsula, 1991 - 2012. Cruise PD94-01 not included in time series for lack of samplesPalmer Station Antarctica LTER
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Ducklow, Hugh
Vernet, Maria
Prezelin, Barbara
Water chemistry of tidal creeks in the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coasts of Northampton County, VA 1990-1992Lagera, Luis
Salt Marsh Biogeochemistry and Sediment Organic Matter Accumulation in Phillips Creek Marsh of the Virginia Coast Reserve 2001-2002Thomas, Cassondra

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