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Hog Island Bay Nutrient Data at the Virginia Coast Reserve 2001-2002Anderson, Iris
Kozak, Amber
McGlathery, Karen
Tracer Experiment Stream Nutrients during 1995Lyons, W. Berry
McKnight, Diane
Dissolved inorganic nutrients from CCE LTER process cruises, including 5 macro nutrients from water column bottle sample, 2006 - 2017 (ongoing).California Current Ecosystem LTER
Goericke, Ralf
Nutrient concentrations in fertilized and unfertilized dune plots on Hog Island at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1990-1991Day, Frank
Hog Island Soil Nutrient Data 1991-1992Day, Frank
Sediment characteristics and plant biomass for Spartina alterniflora in intertidal marshes on Hog Island, Parramore Island, Quinby inlet, and Phillips Creek of the Virginia Coast Reserve 1988-1989Osgood, David
Zieman, Joseph
Nutrient concentrations in three small streams on the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula 2002-2009Anderson, Iris
Stanhope, Jennifer
Overman, Kathleen
Creekbank physico-chemical data from Hog Island salt marsh chronosequence at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1995-1996Tyler, A.
Exchangeable Ammonium in Seagrass in Hog Island Bay, VA 2008-2010McGlathery, Karen
Analysis of nutrients and data synthesis, mass balance: central Arizona-Phoenix metropolitan areaBaker Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Arizona State University
Baker, Lawrence A.
Ying, Xu

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