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Nitrogen cycling at treeline. II. Percent Soil Carbon and NitrogenBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline. III. Total Soil Carbon and Nitrogen ContentBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline. IV. Soil Profile DescriptionsBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline. I. Study Sites and VegetationBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline V. Insitu Nitrogen mineralizationBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline VI. Common Litter DecompositionBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Nitrogen cycling at treeline VII. Laboratory DecompositionBonanza Creek LTER
Loomis, Patricia F.
Hemlock History Plots at Harvard Forest since 1995Foster, David
McLachlan, Jason
Network analysis of nitrogen cycling in Hog Island Bay, VA and Sacca di Goro, ITChristian, Robert
Voss, Christine
Bondavalli, C.
Viaroli, P.
Naldi, M.
Tyler, A.
Anderson, Iris
McGlathery, Karen
Ulanowicz, R.E.
Camacho-Ibar, V.
Examining the potential effects of phytophagous insect frass on forest nitrogen cycling at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory from 1999 to 2001Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
University of Georgia
Hunter, Mark D.

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