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Tracer Experiment Stream Nutrients during 1995Lyons, W. Berry
McKnight, Diane
McMurdo Dry Valleys Macronutrient Concentrations (NH4 - NO3 - NO2 - PO4) in LakesMontana State University
Priscu, John
McMurdo Dry Valleys Stream Nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, reactive phosphorus)Ohio State University
Lyons, Berry
Soil Microbial Gene Sequences at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (2004 to 2010)University of Michigan
Schmidt, Thomas
Stream Nutrients for Reactivated ChannelLyons, W. Berry
McKnight, Diane
Nutrient and tracer amounts for Tracer Additions for Spiraling Curve Characterization studies on arctic streams near Toolik Field Station, Alaska 2010 -2012.Bowden, William "Breck"
CSASN Nutients: Tracer addition for spiraling curve characterization from 2010 to 2012Bowden, William "Breck"
CSASN TASCC Nutrient additions to streams near Toolik Field Sation, Alaska 2010 to 2012Bowden, William "Breck"
Measurements from CalCOFI cruises in the California Current System, including log of station information, weather, sea conditions as well as physical, chemical and biological measurements including including temperature, salinity, oxygen, density, sigma theta, phosphate, silicate, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, chlorophyll a, integrated chlorophyll a, primary productivity, and integrated primary production. 1949 - 2015 (ongoing).CalCOFI - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Wilkinson, James
Microbial Community Composition in lakes - Ecological characteristics of the sample at North Temperate Lakes LTER 2002 - 2007NTL LTER
University of Wisconsin
Kent, Angela
McMahon, Katherine
Newton, Ryan
Yannarell, Anthony

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