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Watercolumn total Th-234, Palmer Station, 2012-2013Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Stukel, Mike
Urban storm runoff study conducted in the central Arizona-Phoenix area: period June 1998Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University
School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Arizona State University
Chan, Andy
Hope, Diane
Naegeli, Markus
Grimm, Nancy B.
Watercolumn total Th-234 from samples collected aboard Palmer Station Antarctica LTER annual cruises off the western antarctic peninsula, 2012-2014Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Stukel, Mike
Lichen resurvey with heavy metal analysis in Maricopa County, central Arizona, period 1998School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Zschau, Toralf
Zambrano, Angel
Gries, Corinna
Nash, Thomas H
Total soil cations (Al, Ca, K, Mg, Na, P) for intertussock O and B horizon soils on moist acidic and non-acidic tundra, Arctic LTER 1997.Hobbie, Sarah
Atmospheric deposition sampling across an urban gradient, using passive resin collectorsFulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University
Gonzales, Daniel
Allen, Jonathan
Rio Mameyes diatoms in the Rio Mameyes from 1998 to 2001Bryan, Brynne
AGW01 Long-term measurement of groundwater physical and chemical properties from wells on watershed N04DMacpherson, Gwendolyn
Nutrient Concentrations of Vegetation in Small Watersheds at H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 2005 to 2006Andrews Forest LTER Site
Harmon, Mark E.
Sediment characteristics in experimental seagrass meadows in Virginia, 2011Greiner, Jill
McGlathery, Karen

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