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Ranunculus adoneus: Mycorrhizal development.Mullen, Rene
BMS01 Mycorrhizae spore density and composition in the Belowground Plot Experiment at Konza PrairieHartnett, David
Assessing biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: sample sitesGlobal Institute of Sustainability
Stutz, Jean C.
Buyantuyev, Alexander
Ranunculus adoneus: Edaphic and plant factors related to mycorrhizal development.Mullen, Rene
Ectomycorrhizal Community of Red Oak at Harvard Forest 2013Healy, Rosanne
Bonito, Gregory
Smith, Matthew
ARISA fungal community profiles for each resprouting Betula nana shrub sampled in an observational study of post-fire mycorrhizal communities across a fire-severity gradient in the Anaktuvuk River Fire burn scar, 2010Bonanza Creek LTER
Hewitt, Rebecca
Root and Mycorrhizal Respiration at Harvard Forest Soil Warming Experiments since 2007Burton, Andrew
Melillo, Jerry
Frey, Serita
CMY01 Mycorrhizal Colonization and Plant Community Responses to Long-term Suppression of Mycorrhizal FungiWilson, Gail
Health and mycorrhizal colonization response of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) seedlings to calcium addition in Watershed 1 at the Hubbard Brook Experimental ForestDepartment of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Fahey, Tim
Mycorrhizae in an experimental urban landscaped site in central Arizona-PhoenixWhitcomb, Sean
Stutz, Jean C.

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