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Del 13C ratios were measured for mosses collected from terrestrial, emergent and submerged sites in pond 13 of Imnavait Creek, North Slope Alaska 1990.Schell, Donald
Bryophyte Species at Harvard Forest 1994Motzkin, Glenn
Wilson, Paul
Quadrats were harvested for aboveground biomass from eight plots within a tussock, watertrack, and snowbed community at 3 sites - acidic tundra and nonacidic tundra near Arctic LTER Toolik Plots and acidic tundra near Sagwon,Arctic LTER 1997.Shaver, Gaius
Gough, Laura
Bulk concentration and isotopic information of plant C and N in green leaves and tissues collected from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005Shaver, Gaius
Yano, Yuriko
Murphy Dome: Moss (Hylocomium splendens and Pleurozium schreberi) biomass results from a birch leaf litter and leachates manipulation experiment in a black spruce stand.Bonanza Creek LTER
Jean, Melanie
Mack, Michelle Cailin
Johnstone, Jill
Biomass, %N, and %C data for the BBC collapse scar for 2003 and 2004Bonanza Creek LTER
Myers-Smith, Isla
Moss species list of the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1991Andrews Forest LTER Site
Peck, JeriLynn Eloise
Soil temperature in Black Spruce Carbon cycling study along a temperature gradient in interior AlaskaBonanza Creek LTER
Vogel, Jason G.
Bonanza Creek moisture gradient soil core data: 2005.Bonanza Creek LTER
Harden, Jennifer W.
Turetsky, Merritt R
Manies, Kristen L
Waldrop, Mark P.
Bonanza Creek moisture gradient soil core data: 2004.Bonanza Creek LTER
Harden, Jennifer W.
Turetsky, Merritt R
Manies, Kristen L
Waldrop, Mark P.

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