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Heliconia invertebrate countsRichardson, Barbara A.
Heliconia collection dataRichardson, Barbara A.
Effects of biotic (shrimp) and abiotic (discharge) factors on the depositional environment quantified in a montane stream in Puerto Rico. (Shrimp/Algae/Can J. Fish Aquat. Sci. (1994))Pringle, Catherine
Enclosure/exclosure experiments in a montane Puerto Rican stream examining direct and indirect effects of two dominant taxa of atyid (Atyidae) shrimp, Atya lanipes Holthius and Xiphocaris elongata Guerin-Meneville (Shrimp/ Algae/ Oecologia (1993))Pringle, Catherine
Effects of plant community type on soil nitrogen availability along a toposequence in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.Janik, Caroline
Front Range Holocene insect fossils.Elias, Scott
The effects of tree islands and timberline on soil carbon, soil nitrogen, and soil phosphorus in high montane systems.Seastedt, Tim
Patterns in soil and physical properties of the Bisley Watersheds 1 and 2 (Big Dig 1988, Big Dig 1990)University of California-Berkeley
Silver, Whendee
Experimentally manipulated biota over a 30-40d period in two streams with distinctly different macrobiotic assemblagesPringle, Catherine
Forest Inventory of a Whole Tree Harvest: Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Watershed 5, 2004, 20 years post-harvestUniversity of California, Berkeley
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University
Environmental Defense Fund
Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Battles, John J.
Johnson, Chris
Hamburg, Steven
Fahey, Tim
Driscoll, Charles
Likens, Gene

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