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Digital Elevation Model - 30 Meter Digital Elevation Model of Gwynns Falls WatershedCary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
Groffman, Peter
Intercompartmental trophic exchanges from an inverse plankton foodweb model for the north and south penguin foraging regions in the Palmer LTER study area, 1995 - 2006.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Ducklow, Hugh
Monte-Carlo Simulation Models of Animal MovementDooley, James
Porter, John
HURRECON Model for Estimating Hurricane Wind Speed, Direction and DamageBoose, Emery
Bryson Archeoclimate Model for Painter VADavis, Robert
EXPOS Model for Estimating Topographic Exposure to WindBoose, Emery
A Spatially Explicit Model of Vegetation-Habitat Interactions on Barrier BeachesRastetter, Edward
Riparian Evapotranspiration (ET) Study (SEON) from the Middle Rio Grande River Bosque, New Mexico (1999-2011 ): Soil Thermal Flux, Temperature and Moisture DataUNM Biology Department
Dahm, Clifford
Thibault, Jim
Riparian Evapotranspiration (ET) Study (SEON) from the Middle Rio Grande River Bosque, New Mexico (1999-2011): Micrometeorological DataUNM Biology Department
Thibault, Jim
Dahm, Clifford
Bayesian Analysis of Tree Distributions Across Space and Time in Eastern North America 2010-2011Record, Sydne
Ellison, Aaron

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