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Seasonal patterns of gross N mineralization, respiration, and microbial biomass N in 3 alpine plant communities.Fisk, Melany
Nitrogen transformations in fertilized alpine dry and moist meadow soils.Fisk, Melany
Hog Island Soil Nutrient Data 1991-1992Day, Frank
Litter decomposition:Effects of white pine invasion of old fields on biogeochemical processesHobbie, Sarah
Apparent quantum yield data set for NSF Photochemistry project on the North Slope of Alaska.Kling, George
Cory, Rose
Baseline Spatial Variability Study at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (1988 to 1988)Michigan State University
Robertson, G.
Gross, Katherine
Nitrogen mineralization was determined on Arctic LTERToolik and Sag River tussock tundra using the buried bag method, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, Arctic LTER 1989-2013.Shaver, Gaius
Tree survey:Effects of Long Term Fertilization and Oak Canopy Cover on Plant Communities and Ecosystem ProcessesWrage, Keith
SGS-LTER Earthwatch - In situ Nitrogen Mineralization on Native, Abandoned and Cultivated Fields in eastern Colorado, USA in 1991Haub School and Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources Haub School and Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources
Burke, Ingrid
Net N mineralization in the MELNHE study at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Bartlett Experimental Forest and Jeffers Brook, central NH USA, 2008 - presentMiami University
Fisk, Melany

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