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Radiation Measurements at Harvard Forest EMS Tower since 1991Fitzjarrald, David
Sakai, Ricardo
In situ soil moisture measurements for the Hillslope study from 5 sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River BasinCoweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
Department of Geography
Band, Lawrence E.
McMurdo Dry Valleys Glacier Stake LocationsPortland State University
University of Colorado
Fountain, Andrew
Gooseff, Michael
Tussock Watershed Thaw Depth Survey Summary for 1990 to present, Arctic LTER, Toolik Research Station, Alaska.Kling, George
Average Epilimnetic Conductivity from 1992 to present in Tooli Lake, Arctic LTER, Alaska.Arctic LTER Program
Giblin, Anne
Luecke, Christopher
Kling, George
Mean annual Secchi depth measurements in the period starting in 1969 provide a measure of water column transparency in the CalCOFI inshore and offshore areas, 1969 - 2004.California Current Ecosystem LTER
Ohman, Mark
Inherent optical properties measured at selected water-column depths, collected at Palmer Station Antarctica, 2008/2009 field season.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Schofield, Oscar
Microhabitat at small mammal trapping stations on Hog Island, VA in 1991Porter, John
Dooley, James
Light profiles in the water column of coastal bays of Virginia 2011-2015McGlathery, Karen
Schwarzschild, Arthur
Kuparuk River 1991 summer temperature and discharge calculated from stage height.Bowden, William "Breck"

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