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Growth Rates of Xanthoparmelia Lichens in North Cemetery, Petersham MA since 2005Pringle, Anne
Epiphytic macrolichens in relation to forest management and topography in a western Oregon watershed, 1997-1999 (Berryman thesis)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Berryman, Shanti D.
Umbilicaria Mammulata and Nitrogen Deposition at Harvard Forest 2006Perkins, Fern
Neufeld, Howard
Lichen abundance and biodiversity along a chronosequence from young managed stands to ancient forest, 1993 (Neitlich thesis)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Neitlich, Peter N.
Lichen Resurvey with Heavy Metal Analysis: Distribution of Praseodymium concentration in lichen tissue in Maricopa CountyArizona State University
Gries, Corinna
Zschau, Toralf
Measurements of Leaf area, foliar C and N for 14 sites along a transect down the Kuparuk River basin, summer 1997, North Slope, Alaska.Williams, Mathew
Rastetter, Edward
Lichen resurvey with heavy metal analysis in Maricopa County, central Arizona, period 1998School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Zschau, Toralf
Zambrano, Angel
Gries, Corinna
Nash, Thomas H
Quadrats were harvested for aboveground biomass from eight plots within a tussock, watertrack, and snowbed community at 3 sites - acidic tundra and nonacidic tundra near Arctic LTER Toolik Plots and acidic tundra near Sagwon,Arctic LTER 1997.Shaver, Gaius
Gough, Laura
Arctic LTER 1988: del 13C and del 15N ratios measurement for Eriophorum, Carex and lichen species in water tracks at Toolik and Imnavait CreekSchell, Donald
A harvest was conducted to determine productivity of rare species not found in at least 4 quadrats per site in a separate small quadrat aboveground biomass harvest, Arctic LTER 1997.Shaver, Gaius
Gough, Laura

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