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Leaf decomposition along the Ball Creek / Coweeta Creek elevational gradient at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory from 1991 to 1992Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ.
Benfield, E. Fred
Leaf decomposition in relation to resource characteristics and consumer diversityCoweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
University of Georgia
Pringle, Catherine
Litter decomposition of the tabonuco forest before hurricane HugoZou, Xiaoming
Litterfall of the tabonuco forest before Hurricane HugoZou, Xiaoming
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Litter decomposition and Connectivity basket dataNRS, USDA Forest Service
Lodge, Jean
Impacts of Climate Warming on Trophic Function at Harvard Forest and Duke Forest 2013Pelini, Shannon
Chen, Angus
Kaseman, Justine
Crowther, Thomas
Factors influencing decomposition of leaves for five plant species at El VerdeSantana, Mirna
Recovery of a tropical stream after a harvest-related chlorine poisoning eventPringle, Catherine
Interactions between plants and fungi and their roles in decay rates and CO2 release in five tropical leaf speciesSantana, Mirna
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