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Rhododendron maximum cover across an elevation gradient from the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory from 1997 to 1999Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
Duke University
Clark, James S.
Leaf Area Index at Harvard Forest HEM and LPH Towers since 1998Orwig, David
Hadley, Julian
MODIS Leaf Area Index estimates for Alaska: 2002Bonanza Creek LTER
Verbyla, Dave L.
WSC - Leaf area index (LAI) at various points within Wibu field site, 2012-2014University of Wisconsin
Zipper, Samuel
Booth, Eric
Loheide, Steven
Tree Canopy Leaf Area Index in CRUI Land Use Project at Harvard Forest 1997Sipe, Timothy
Bowden, Richard
McClaugherty, Charles
Leaf area index (LAI), leaf traps and allometric data for Morella cerifera on Hog Island, VA 2004 and 2007Young, Donald
Litterfall at Harvard Forest HEM and LPH Towers since 2002Orwig, David
Hadley, Julian
Leaf area index following the ice storm of January 1998 at the Hubbard Brook Experimental ForestEnvironmental Defense Fund
University of New Hampshire
Hamburg, Steven
Rhoads, Anne G.
Vadeboncoeur, Matt
Specific Leaf Area in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest 2012Williams, Christopher
Leaf Area in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest 2010-2012Williams, Christopher

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